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Yellow Tome: Beyond the Mists.

Over a decade has passed since these pages were last posted live to the web (2004). The FRPG game genre has seen much change over these ten years. I've returned to a handful of game conventions (especially GenCon) to find that the popularity of face to face role play gaming has returned to levels I recall from the 1990s, perhaps beyond. Now, as then, dissatisfaction with the prevalent systems is apparent. Another generation has been requesting my return to more active gaming - and so we return from Beyond the Mists.

- Benjamin W. Holty

The continuing evolution of this Role Playing system spans over three decades. The current version continues to develop and improve. Much of what is currently posted is retrieved from my archives and clearly needs updating. Specific questions and comments are always appreciated and occasionally even implemented.

This work is copyright 1980-2014 Benjamin W. Holty further distribution without written consent is a violation of applicable copyright laws. Links indicated by red type have been identified as necessary, but not yet implemented.

On to the Rules
These pages include instructions and links to everything you need to play in a YT:Beyond the Mists campaign.

A Little On Philosopy
I've prepared a short presentation of the "whys and wherefores" of choices made in the development of this system. It's entirely possible to utilize this system to run a campaign outside of the intended milieu. (It's been done successfully for decades.) Understanding where it's coming from is helpful for some GMs.
MMORG/RPG Translation
If you are more familiar with playing Role Playing Games in the virtual world, this primer might be of assistance in translating some familiar concepts into the face-to-face world of Yellow Tome

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updated on:   28 March 2014